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Feb 11 12

Cakes with character

by Michael

Ladybug #1

There has been a constant cloud of flour and sugar in our kitchen this week. Yael turned 2 years old and our dear friend Joel turned 7. And they were both very clear about what they wanted.

Needless to say, Emilia didn’t waste a second and many hours later (and with great but somewhat limited help from yours truly – check out the grass on the soccer cake!!) these marvelous creations emerged.

Soccer #2 Soccer #1 Soccer #4 Soccer #3 Ladybug #2
Ladybug #1 Ladybug #3 Shrek #2 Shrek #3 Shrek #1

Jan 10 12

A summer flair of hot air

by Michael

During January’s dark winter days, summer isn’t more than a distant memory. But looking through photos from 2011 I found this really nice summer moment from August.

Hot air balloons were taking off from Gärdet and the late summer sun was slowly setting. I abruptly left the dinner table, grabbed my gear and ran out. With the camera mounted on a tripod I shot about 1200 photos from two different locations.

Here it is… a short but sweet time lapsed summer memory (also available in HD).

And this is how I created the time lapse:

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Jan 1 12

Firework frenzy (Happy New Year)

by Michael

New Year Fireworks(click image to view larger version)

Enjoy some of the fireworks we saw from our balcony. This image is about 20 shots merged together using Photoshop. I had the camera on a tripod taking images automatically while we drank a toast and welcomed 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 30 11

Preparing for the New Year

by admin

It’s been over a year since my last blog post so I guess it’s about time to start writing again. There are photos waiting to be shot, technology trends to reflect on and information worth summarizing and saving. I will try to do it all here.

But first things first. The blog is in need of an update.

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Sep 10 10

New York Part III: Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline by Night

by Michael

Brooklyn Bridge I

The Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn at night. Quite impressive.

You are looking at the main reason for this New York visit. Well, maybe not the main reason but at least it was on the to-do list. And important enough for me to take the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back (a 1 hour trip) just to get my tripod. Btw, my apologies to The Roots for leaving in the middle of their concert to get the tripod in time for sunset… OK, I’ll admit, it was one of the main reasons for going to New York.

These shots were taken on and just next to the Brooklyn Bridge. With shutter speeds up to 25 seconds it would have been impossible without a tripod. The tricky part in post production was to get the white balance and colors right. However, after a while I just got fed up with all the colors and chose to go b/w instead.

Should I have kept the color versions? I added two color photos at the end. You’ll be the judge – leave a comment!

Brooklyn Bridge I Brooklyn Bridge II Brooklyn Bridge III Brooklyn Bridge IV
Brooklyn Bridge V Brooklyn Bridge VI Brooklyn Bridge VII Brooklyn Bridge VIII
Brooklyn Bridge X Brooklyn Bridge XI Brooklyn Bridge XII Brooklyn Bridge XIII
Brooklyn Bridge IX Brooklyn Bridge XIV Manhattan Skyline Brooklyn Bridge & Me (x4)
(click thumbnails to view larger images)

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